Surrender a cat

 Any surrender to be considered must have the form submitted. 

 We understand there are many reasons why someone may need to choose to surrender their cat - financial constraints, moving, chronic illness, or not being able to provide the care needed, nevertheless, we will try to help.  We have provided additional resources (several of which can be found here) and encourage you to contact as many as possible a lot of rescues and shelters are already at capacity. Please consider asking a family member or friend if they can help.   If you still must surrender, please complete the surrender form.  All surrenders must complete this application to be considered. Once the form is received, we will contact you only when space becomes available.  We are NOT able to accept feral cats or cats that cannot be easily handled. Cats with medical issues are evaluated on a case by case, based on our medical funds available.  For any additional questions you may Email: or 

***Please note that completing this application does not guarantee a space at the shelter***

***Once a cat is surrendered, the shelter is under no obligation to update the surrendering Person of the cats status.***

**By surrendering you are giving up all legal ownership rights.**