Help Cats in Need!

There are many things the cats we rescue need to live comfortable, happy lives while they are in our care. As this year comes to a close, we hope that you will share your generosity with us and donate to help us provide each of these cats the care they need.

Donation Tiers

You can find the donation form located below the tier listings.

$10 – Enrichment

Enrichment creates a fun and safe place for our cats and kittens to exercise their minds and bodies. It also helps to relieve stress and boredom. Your donation today promotes our furry felines' physical, psychological, and emotional well-being!

$25 – Food

Did you know we go through approximately 80 cans of wet food and 14# of dry food daily? By donating $25, you help keep our pantry stocked with the nourishment our cats and kittens need!

$50 – Adoption Sponsor  

Help make an adopter's day by sponsoring part of their adoption fee!

$75 - Microchips

By donating $75, you cover the cost of 10 microchips. Every cat and kitten adopted from the shelter is microchipped, which helps ensure a safe return should they accidentally get out.

$100 – Senior to Senior Foster Program/ FeLV+ LiVE+ Foster Program

The shelter offers two amazing foster programs - one for our seniors and one for our leukemia-positive cats. Your generous donation of $100 helps us to keep these foster programs going!

$150 Phoebe's Fund

This fund is near and dear to the shelter! Phoebe's fund helps with our sickest and most vulnerable cats and kittens. The fund helps cover the costs of dental and emergency surgeries.

$250 – Catios instead of cages

Have you seen the new catios in our lobby? The cats love them! It gives them much more space than traditional cages. Plus, it provides 360 degrees of viewing, multiple levels to jump and play on, and a hide-y hole for rest.

$300 – Intake

Our highest tier is also our most important! With your amazing donation of $300, you cover the cost of one intake, including a spay or neuter, flea medication, vaccinations, combo testing, microchip, and any other necessary medications.