Help Cats in Need!

There are many things the cats we rescue need to live comfortable, happy lives while they are in our care. As this year comes to a close, we hope that you will share your generosity with us and donate to help us provide each of these cats the care they need.

Donation Tiers

You can find the donation form located below the tier listings.

$10 – Toys (kittens)

$10 provides toys for our cats and kittens to keep their minds and bodies active while waiting for their forever home. Help our cats run, jump, twirl and play!

$25 – Bag of food / Canned food

$25 provides food for our feline friends! We use both wet and dry cat food at the shelter, and as you might imagine, we go through it quickly! Please help us ensure our cats have all the healthy food they need!

$50 – Pop Up  

Especially with kittens, half the battle is keeping them contained to minimize the damage! We use pop-ups to give kittens plenty of room to roam but with a few boundaries to keep them (and our curtains!) safe! Please help us provide our kittens with a happy place to play and grow!

$75 - Meds (Bebe)

Some of our cats have ongoing health conditions that will require lifelong medication. Bebe has a heart condition that she gets daily medication to manage. Help cats like Bebe live long and happy lives with the medical help they need!

$100 – Cleaning Supplies

Lots of cats mean lots of messes! Although it’s not glamourous, cleaning supplies are one of the shelter’s most needed and least donated items. Please help us ensure our shelter is clean, safe, and smelling great every single day!

$250 – Intake

When cats arrive at Paws, we give them a thorough exam, run medical tests and give vaccinations, a process called “intake.” Each intake is approximately $250. Please help us provide an intake for the next cat or kitten to come through our doors!

$500 – Dental Surgery (Danylynn)

Many of our senior cats are in need of dental work to keep them healthy and living their best lives for years to come. Help us provide needed dental surgery so our senior cats can live out their twilight years in comfort and health.