Photo of  Joan  Baughman
Joan Baughman
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since : 03/31/00

Joan started helping out at PAWS in 2001 helping out at various events. In 2004 when Janice James, our foster coordinator, was killed by a drunk driver Joan stepped up and filled in the gap. Since then she has become the driving force behind our participation in the Old West End Festival yard sale one of our major fund raisers. Joan receives all the donations for the sale, sorts and prices them, and boxes them up for transportation to the sale site. Joan also heads up the semi annual Elder Beerman ticket sales, and the holiday gift wrapping. In the past she has also taken on other event like volunteers for the Toledo Air Show, a Tupperware sales event, and other smaller yard sales.

Photo of  Larry  Becker
Larry Becker
Board Vice President Serving PAWS Since : 10/01/04

I became a member of the Paws And Whiskers Board in 2004 and currently serve as vice- president of the Board. Three cats make their home with my wife and me. Two of them we adopted from Paws And Whiskers when they were 9 years old. The third we were finally able to get into our house after it had been roaming the neighborhood and eating on our front porch for several months through a cold winter. It is now a great indoor cat. I am a retired attorney having been both in private practice and the lawyer for a large company during my career. I enjoy outings with my wife, reading, tennis, golf, and gardening. I am an Ohio certified master gardener and volunteer at Toledo Botanical Gardens and The OSU Extension in Lucas County as well as with Paws and Whiskers. Paws is a wonderful asset to our community. I hope we can make it prosper, rescue and adopt out many, many cats and kittens well into the future.

Photo of  Annaliese  Cassarino
Annaliese Cassarino
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since : 10/01/08

Annaliese, from San Diego, Ca. started volunteering for PAWS while her husband was a visiting professor at Bowling Green State University in the fall of 2008. Annaliese had rescued a red tabby cat and brought it to PAWS for shelter not being able to keep the cat where she was staying with her husband. We took the cat in and Annaliese started volunteering helping us out with publicity for several events and doing a lot of work on the Cool Cat Strut. After the first of the year she had to return to California. She had grown attached to the cat she rescued and adopted Sparkle. Since returning to California Annaliese continues to work for PAWS holding fund raisers and obtaining items for our silent auction at the Cool Cat Strut. Annaliese is pictured here with Sparkle, the cat she rescued while in Bowling Green.

Photo of  Kevin  Coleman
Kevin Coleman
Employee-Deceased Serving PAWS : 02/26/01 - 01/31/11

Kevin started at PAWS in February of 2001 and has been a very steady reliable worker ever since. Even though he is in a wheel chair he is at his post each week day morning at 6:30 AM. This is after he takes the bus from downtown Toledo. Only the very worst weather, when the snow is too deep for his chair, keeps Kevin from be at his post to care for our feline friends. Kevin has a unique way the cats and often can be seen riding around clean cages with a cat asleep on his lap. He has been able to bring many a scared cat out of their shell and help them become acclimated to their new surroundings. Kevin went home to be with all the feline friends he has helped that have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 31st, 2011

Photo of  Kim  Ferguson
Kim Ferguson
Kennel Supervisor Serving PAWS Since : 09/01/01

Kim is a life long Toledo resident growing up in the Detroit and Western area. Kim started volunteering at PAWS in the summer of 2001 while attending Bowsher High School. After graduating in 2002 she began working part time. Kim’s hours and responsibility increased over the years and in the fall of 2008 she became full time Kennel Supervisor.  Kim also oversees our adoption process.  She is the mother of two girls Arrianna and Taylor.

Photo of  Stephanie  Hughes
Stephanie Hughes
Volunteer Coordinator Serving PAWS Since 04/01//2013

Stephanie Hughes started as the volunteer coordinator in April. She is a Michigan native and BGSU graduate who returned to the Toledo area in January after working at an Illinois university for several years.  Stephanie now works full-time as a professor at the University of Toledo. She has three cats (siblings Aaron, Ashley, and Aubrey) that were adopted from a shelter two years ago and are enjoying their new home in Toledo.

 One of Stephanie’s goals as volunteer coordinator is to develop and maintain an up-to-date list of volunteers and their contact information. This will allow for better communication between the shelter and volunteers, and help everyone to stay better informed of volunteer opportunities.  Stephanie also plans to recruit and develop relationships with new volunteers while increasing recognition of our current volunteers.

 You can help these efforts by making sure that Stephanie has your updated contact information and letting her know if you would like to volunteer for adoption events, car washes, shelter cleaning, or other activities. Please feel free to contact her by email at or phone (989) 450-9359.


Photo of  Janice  James
Janice James
Volunteer-Deceased Serving PAWS : 04/13/98 - 04/10/04

The first time that I met her was an Erie Street Market adoption event. She struggled down the corridor with a cageful of kittens which she had been fostering. Her contagious laugh drew my attention. “Hi…I’m Janice James.” I could feel the warmth radiating from her smile—–and the devilish little twinkle in her eyes which made me feel that this woman had much more Impishness within her than the frolicking kittens in her grasp. It was a happy moment for me because I felt so comfortable with her… if I had known her my entire life—even though we had only met 5 minutes before. Her name was Janice. Throughout the next years, I discovered that her laugh was only the tip of the iceberg. Underneath those twinkling eyes was a Heart of Pure Gold. That Heart connected not only to kittens, but, also, to every one of God’s Creatures (including the very flawed entities known as Human Beings). She could Love so easily—-without condition, without judgment. That Love affected each and evry one of us here at Paws and Whiskers…for Janice did not rescue just cats. She, in some way, rescued each one of us.We are individually *better* because we knew her. That is the legacy which she left behind. With the Love and Respect which we carry for her, all of us here will continue to carry on the work, devotion and caring which she revealed. In that sense, Janice will never really be very far away. She is in every kitten that romps. She is in every flower that blooms. She is in every tiny ray of sunshine that warms our faces. She is in every slight breeze that blows. If we listen very carefully with our Hearts, her voice will always be here with us. Her name was Janice. God called her home…but that little Imp would not leave until she had done one more loving deed. Combining both worlds, she was taking *animal* food to a *human* in need. True to the caring Spirit which was so much a part of her very Soul, she died as she had lived. Her strength will forever bolster our determination as e continue on our path. We are eternally grateful for her Love, her Friendship, and her Inspiration. She will be marked forever within our Hearts. Stop and look into the evening sky. You may see the beauty of a soaring bird or the brilliance of a falling star. She soars among the stars and whatever flies Free is alive and joyous. We Love and Miss her so very much…and someday we shall meet her again. We will never forget her. Her name was Janice. Bonnie Edinger

Photo of  Leta  Logan
Leta Logan
Volunteer-Deceased Serving PAWS Since : 05/13/02 - 05/15/05

On May 13th 2002 I was sitting at my desk when I heard the door open. I looked up and saw and open door but nothing else. Then I heard “Hello, I’m here to apply for the job.” It was a very short person who had been blocked from view by the corner of the desk and the stack of papers on it. Leta M. Logan became part of the shelter family on May 15th 2002. Leta had a great sense of humor and was fun to work with. Not many people had Leta’s dedication to her job. Leta was often without transportation and would take a bus downtown and transfer to a bus coming out by the shelter. This involved leaving for work at least two and a half hours before her starting time and then walking a half mile in the rain, snow and freezing temperatures to get to work on time. She was seldom ever late. If getting to work was not bad enough getting home was worse. The shelter closed at 8:00 PM and the bus came shortly afterwards. If anything held her up the next bus was at 9:00 PM and then she had to reverse the trip and take a bus downtown, wait at a transfer station in the dark and then catch a bus home not arriving until after 11:00 PM. She went through all that for a four hour a day job. Leta adopted a diabetic cat from the shelter, saying he would not be any trouble because he was on the same medication she was. Leta loved all animals and was a very visible part of the PAWS family. In addition to working in the shelter Leta volunteered at, and planned several events. Leta also gave talks about the shelter and cat care to schools and to community groups. .Leta was 58 when she was taken from us May15th 2005. She passed away from congestive heart failure after a lengthy illness. Today no doubt she can be found caring for all our feline friends that have crossed over the Raimbow Bridge. Thank you Leta for all you did for PAWS we miss you and you will always be remembered.

Photo of  Rod  Maclachlan
Rod Maclachlan
Board Treasurer Serving PAWS Since : 01/01/05

Rod moved to the United States from England when his wife, Julia, was sent on a 12 month assignment to her company’s Toledo location – that was in 1995. After a short period of being a kept man, Rod picked up his career where he had left off and started working as a tax accountant for Clifton Gunderson a CPA firm with an office in downtown Toledo, where he still works today. Rod is treasurer for Paws and Whiskers, which involves preparing monthly and annual financial reports, payroll calculations and dealing with federal, state and local taxes. In his spare time, such as it is, he enjoys travelling, competing in triathlons and working on his fleet of old cars. He currently has 3 cats, all rescues and all very spoilt.

Photo of  LaDonna  Michaels
LaDonna Michaels
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since : 02/20/99

LaDonna started volunteering for PAWS in 1997. Over the years she has been very instrumental in the shelter’s success. For years she organized our participation in the Mid Michigan Cat Fanciers Association Cat show at the Lucas County Recreation Center. She got the cats ready to show, manned the event with volunteers and came up lots of cat related items to sell to raise money for the shelter. Most weekends you can find LaDonna in the shelter on Saturday grooming and socializing our residents. LaDonna was the driving force obtaining pledges to pay for the renovation on our new shelter space at 32 Hillwyck. LaDonna has helped out at “Rally By The River”, the Old West End Yard Sale” Christmas Gift Wrapping, and various other cat shows, adoption events, open houses at the shelter.

Photo of  Kathy  Miller
Kathy Miller
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since : 10/13/06

Kathy adopted a cat from PAWS in November 2005 and started volunteering shortly after. Kathy comes in every Monday for four hours and cleans cages, and gives much need attention to our feline friends. Kathy also helps with our gift wrapping fundraisers and selling fund raising booklets at Elder Beerman. She is the 2009 Paws and Whiskers Volunteer of the Year and is pictured receiving her award.

Photo of  Barbara  Plunkett
Barbara Plunkett
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since :01/01/97

Barbara is a life long Toledo resident graduating from DeVilbiss High School and the University of Toledo. Barbara retired after teaching over twenty years in the Washington Local Schools. Barbara started helping PAWS by writing all the thank you notes we send out for donations received. Barbara has written over 600 thank you a year since 1997. For anyone that remembers the old shelter Barbara picked out and put up the cat wallpaper we had in the office. Along with putting up the wallpaper she painted the old shelter with the help of her husband Harold. She also keeps our mailing list updated with all the address from our adoptions and intakes. She has helped at a number of the “Rally By The River Events” we did as fund raisers for a number of years and helps with the poker events. Barbara also lined up the artist that did the mural in the new shelter and and donated the artist’s fee.

Photo of  Dave  Plunkett
Dave Plunkett
Shelter Manager Serving PAWS Since: 12/01/96

Dave is a live long Toledo resident graduating from Whitmer High School. After a tour with the Navy he joined the Ohio Highway Patrol retiring in 1996. Dave started with PAWS in December 1996 as Shelter Manager and has held the position ever since. Dave is married, and his wife Pam is the driving force behind our Krafting for Kitties group. He has a son Paul, who retired from the army in August 2009, and a daughter Kimberlee who works in Yellowstone National Park.

Photo of  Pam  Plunkett
Pam Plunkett
Krafting for Kitties Serving PAWS Since : 12/02/96

Pam was born in Toledo and graduated from Libbey High School. After several years in San Diego she returned to Toledo in 1988. She began work as Administrative Assistant to the Plant Manager at BP Oil in Oregon and has been there ever since. In 2002 Pam organized our “Krafting for Kitties” group. This group of volunteers craft items during the year which they then sell to raise funds for the shelter.

Photo of  Cassandra  Tefft
Cassandra Tefft
Adoption Coordinator/Kennel Help Serving PAWS Since: 10/13/07

No Bio Available

Photo of  Emily  Weirich
Emily Weirich
Volunteer Serving PAWS Since: 01/01/94

Emily is a life long Toledo resident graduating from DeVilbiss High School and retiring from Ohio Bell. She began volunteering with PAWS in 1994. For ten years she came in five days a week cleaning cages and making sure all our feline friends were comfortable. Then for a couple of years she cut back to three days a week then to two. Now she comes in two days a week and helps with administrative work making a lot of computer entries, filing, compiling information.